Hi! I’m Annie. Welcome to my blog. I’m a twenty-something year old American gal spending my first years of marriage living in London. As many people do, I’m using this blog to document the adventures of our life, for friends & family to see what we are up to but more importantly so I can look back & reminisce on these precious moments in time. Is it crazy to think that maybe one day my grandchildren will be reading about & looking at pictures of their grandparents at the Great Wall of China, when they were young & relatively wrinkle-free? I’m sure Pete & I will look back with great fondness at spending our first couple (few?) years of marriage in one of the biggest, busiest cities in the world with our family & most friends, many time zones & several hours of travel away. While we miss everything about home, we know we’ll never get this time together, just us, back; it is truly a precious time in our lives.


One thought on “About

  1. Annie,
    I’m so proud of you ! What an awesome woman you have become. I love reading you”re blog.
    So funny and Interesting.
    We all love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Aunt moll

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