Back to blogging…?

It’s been forever since I’ve taken the time to document our life on this blog however I was just reading through London’s monthly updates and wanted to do the same for Lily.  I also really like being able to look back at our story.  I’m sure my posting will be inconsistent but I do want to try, for both the girls.


Quick Kitchen Update

So the kitchen isn’t done but it’s VERY close to being done.  We were able to move back in shortly before Christmas but they still have some finishing touches to do in the kitchen & still have to complete the fireplace – they haven’t even started it but rumor has it the millwork guys are going to be here on Friday & the rest of the work will be done, done next week.  We shall see. IMG_1059_Fotor_Collage

So far I’m really happy with how everything came out.  I love how open the kitchen is the rest of the house now.  I’ll be thrilled when the fireplace is done & I can unpack the rest of the boxes.

The Christmas Market

IMG_0764_Fotor_Collage32The weekend before last Pete had to work so London & I went to the The Christmas Market downtown.  We had a really nice time walking around, checking out the shops, and visiting Santa.  They had a gingerbread house & huge snowmen all around that London LOVED!IMG_0793_Fotor_Collage89

She thought Santa was pretty funny and loved the idea of leaving carrots for the reindeer.  I think Santa got her interested by asking her to leave him cookies.  I think she somehow thought cookies were involved for her.IMG_0826

Visiting Santa last year.

Boston, Victoria & Vancouver

The week before Thanksgiving (US Thanksgiving that is) I had to go Victoria & Vancouver.  Pete, London & I went to Rhode Island the weekend before and I flew to Victoria from Boston.  It was a quick trip to Rhode Island (for me anyway, Pete & London stayed through Wednesday) but nice to visit for the weekend. IMG_0646_Fotor_Collage2

London had the very best time with Nani, Poppi, Uncle Grant, Auntie Betsy & her new best friend Murphy.  Dad came down on Saturday & we spent the day Christmas shopping.  And had a lovely time.  Sunday we met Michele, Britt, & Allison for lunch.  IMG_0881_Fotor_Collage56

Monday I flew to Victoria.  Beautiful city but we had zero time to do any sight seeing.  Training on Tuesday & Wednesday. 
Wednesday night we flew to Vancouver.  Another beautiful city but another two days of training and then back to Toronto.  Thankfully I was able to get on a earlier flight home and made it home at 2:30am instead of 6am.  IMG_0675_Fotor_Collage2

House Update

Day 1:



Day 2:

Day 14: IMG_0644_Fotor_Collage2

Day 15 & 16:


Day 22: IMG_0742_Fotor_Collage4

We’re surviving the reno!  Things are moving along – on time or so we’ve been told.  We’ve run into a few things as the walls have come down but I watch enough home improvement shows to know that isn’t abnormal.  Annoying, yes.  Abnormal, no.

Things should really start coming together at the start of next week.  They templated the countertops today & are finishing the cabinet installation today (tonight as we speak) or tomorrow.  The wood floors go in at some point this week & they are refinishing the stairs to match the new floors starting Wednesday.  I think the appliance are coming next week too.  All quite exciting.  We will all be happy to have the house back and of course, we’re so excited to see the finished product!

Bring on the Demo

Today we started construction.  I’m so excited for the finish product but am scared the next 6-8 weeks are going to be a bit hellish.  We have to be completely out of the main floor until everything is done.  So we’ve set-up a makeshift kitchen in the laundry room/family room downstairs, the 2nd bathroom upstairs has become our mudroom/coat closet, and our room now is a living room.IMG_0587_Fotor_Collage

Tomorrow they will be moving the fridge downstairs to the laundry room.  London is a little perplexed about having to eat in the laundry room.
IMG_0595_Fotor_Collage2 IMG_0600_Fotor_Collage