Back to blogging…?

It’s been forever since I’ve taken the time to document our life on this blog however I was just reading through London’s monthly updates and wanted to do the same for Lily.  I also really like being able to look back at our story.  I’m sure my posting will be inconsistent but I do want to try, for both the girls.


Celebrating Five Years!


Yesterday we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!  It’s been another super busy year – we bought a house, I went back to work, London started daycare to name a few of the big things.  I’m so lucky I get to do life with this guy by my side.  Happy Anniversary babe!





Summer Vacation: Rhode Island Part 1

On Wednesday the Bowser bunch arrived!  That evening Pete & I were heading out to dinner with Eddy but before we headed out were able to spend some time with the Bowsers & Pete’s cousins on the Gray side.IMG_2507_Fotor_Collage

Thursday we all went to Capron Park Zoo.  Of course, I forgot my camera & didn’t bring my phone luckily Ally posted a few pictures that I stole :).  Capron is perfect for London’s age group – it’s small & you can see the animals up close.  They also have a splash pad, although London wasn’t having it. IMG_0501_Fotor_Collage

Thursday night we met up with Pat & Katie for drinks.  Friday London had a play date with Michael.  So precious.   IMG_2574_Fotor_Collage 2

Here they are last year…

IMG_2556_Fotor_Collage 1

Friday night we left all the kids with Nani & Poppi and Ally & Travis, Grant & Betsy, Pete & I went out for dinner.  We had a really long wait & were able to play some serious rounds of high, low, jack.

Summer Vacation: Block Island

We’re back in Toronto after spending nearly 3 weeks in Rhode Island & Maine.  We had a great time visiting & spending time with friends & family but it’s nice to be home.  Trying to get caught up before things get really busy…

Pete, London, & I left Toronto on Friday evening (the 26th) & although we planned on stopping for the night we drove straight through to Rhode Island – well we stopped in Buffalo for dinner.  London cranked almost the whole way to the border but after dinner she went to sleep & slept right to Nani & Poppi’s.

Pete & I had plans to go to Block Island on Sunday but the weather was terrible (the ferry was even cancelled) so he changed our reservation to Monday night which worked out fabulously.  We got to Block Island early in the afternoon on Monday, checked into the hotel (we stayed at the National), then rented mopeds & cruised around the island for the afternoon.  It was quite fun.  IMG_3605_Fotor_CollageI I checked out all the little shops on the “strip” & we had dinner at the National (a lovely 3 course meal was included with our room).  Tuesday morning we went to the beach for a little bit & then caught the ferry back.  IMG_3605_Fotor_Collage 1

We had a really nice time.  London obviously had a great time with Nani & Poppi & her cousin Liam.


Mom & Phil Visit!

It’s been super busy around here…it seems everything always happens at once.  We’re getting ready for vacation though which everyone is looking forward to.  Two weekends ago (I think) Mom & Phil came to visit.  They arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed through Monday morning.IMG_0444_Fotor_Collage 2

London clearly enjoyed her time with them.  We had a relaxing weekend.  Pete & I snuck out for a much needed date night. IMG_3506_Fotor_Collage 4

Grandma & Pepere brought London to the playground near our apartment & obviously had to make a pit stop & take a ride on the train.

 IMG_0444_Fotor_Collage 3

We had a great time, can’t wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!IMG_2480_Fotor_Collage

Happy Father’s Day!


We had a very low key Father’s Day.  I think the pictures kind of speak for themselves.  London was sick all weekend; very irritable & cranky.  We did manage to get out on Sunday night for dinner.  Regardless, London & I are super lucky to get to celebrate this guy.  Happy Father’s Day Pete!  We love you! IMG_1582_Fotor_Collage 1

Happy Father’s Day to my dad too!! We love you!!

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