Work in the Backyard

I think we’ve had people visiting or been away all but one weekend since we moved it – CRAZY busy!  Now we have a string of weekends with nothing planned I can get some stuff done around here. Here’s some pictures of the backyard before we moved in.  These were actually taken the day we had the house inspection done, before we had officially bought the house.  These pictures remind me of what a beautiful day it was that day – London & I had a picnic in the backyard while the house was being inspected.

Our neighbor on the right replaced her fence & cut down some trees while doing so.  Last weekend I decided pull out all the plants against the back fence, move one of our bushes back there, & plant grass.  We also cleaned out all the plants that were growing on the right hand side.  It doesn’t look like much but it feels like we gained a LOT more space back there having done this – the plants were pretty but we value the space.  Now we might even be able to fit a small play set.  Pete was kind enough to do most of the heavy lifting.

I’m hoping the grass comes in strong & the poor bush we transplanted (see back left corner) survives the transfer.  We actually moved that one on the right too but it seems to be doing much better than the other one.  Our neighbor’s (on the left) grape vine is starting to take over the fence on the left & needs to be seriously trimmed come spring.

Dad, this gives you a sneak peak of your next deck rebuild project – wink, wink. 🙂


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