August was a super busy month for us.  On July 29th we closed on our new house & I flew to Calgary to start my new job.  We were so lucky to have Mom & Phil come stay with us the first week of August & Eileen here the 2nd week of August. It was so nice for me to have London home with her grandparents while I transitioned back to work.  I think they were all happy to have the time with her. IMG_0608_Fotor_Collage 2 IMG_0608_Fotor_Collage

We officially moved on August 13th.  Thankfully Eileen was here to help us pack.  We tried to pack & bring as much stuff as we could to the house ourselves but had to have movers for all the furniture.  The week before we moved in we had some painting done, carpet replaced in the basement & the carpets cleaned upstairs, the ducts cleaned – all that fun stuff.  We were initially hoping to have some renovations done before we moved in but it just didn’t work out.IMG_0610_Fotor_Collage 3

We’re still unpacking, decorating, etc. – slowly making progress.  We’re living in a bit of flux on the main floor since we are hoping to start some renovations in the next couple of weeks but the upstairs is in pretty good shape (still need to hang pictures, etc.) and the basement too.  We’re so happy with the house.  Love the space.  LOVE having a backyard. Love the neighborhood.  We’re excited to start this new chapter. IMG_4085_Fotor


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