London Elizabeth: 18 Months


At 18 months you are feisty.  So much personality & lots of attitude.  You are determined & strong-willed.  You are so smart – I’m continuously amazed at how fast you pick things up & at your memory.  You are curious & aware – your teacher at school told me that you always know what’s going on and, even though you are so busy, you are paying close attention to your surroundings.  Today when I picked you up they told me that you were determined to walk the balance beam – and kept doing it until you walked end-to-end without falling off.  They (and Daddy & I) are also impressed with your vocabulary.  You’re picking up new words everyday & are able to verbalize more & more what you want/are feeling.  You’re also funny & so silly.  Always doing things to get a laugh.

You started “school” on August 17th.  It took you about a week to adjust but now you walk in, sit in the chair to put on your indoor shoes then beeline to the table for breakfast – I’m lucky if I get a bye-bye.  You absolutely love being outside & would play at the playground or in the backyard all day everyday if that was an option.  You are so busy, always on the move.  It’s go, go, go until you crash.  You love being together with Daddy & I.  On the few occasions you sleep in bed with us you usually cuddle with one of us but like to be holding the other’s hand.  You’re not a big cuddler but are definitely affectionate.  Daddy & I get plenty of kisses, pats/rubs to the back, & hand holding.

The last 18 months have been the very best.  London you are loved beyond words.  Daddy & I are so proud of you and feel so lucky & blessed that you call us Daddy & Mommy.

18 Month Stats (September 21st)

Height: 34 inches (90th percentile)

Weight: 25 lbs 5 oz (a little over the 50th percentile)



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