Labor Day Weekend at Butterfly Lake: Part 1


We just got home from a weekend away at Butterfly Lake.  After much effort Pete found a camp to rent on Wednesday & we decided to just for it.  I’m glad we did.  It was so nice to be away from the city for the weekend.  And hard to beat being right on a lake.  We’ve been planning on getting bikes for awhile and even went out to look at some last weekend but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet.  Well in anticipation for our weekend away, I went out Wednesday & bought myself a bike, London a bike seat & helmet & a rack for the car.  Thursday Pete went out to buy his bike & helmets for both of us.  London LOVES her helmet & pretty much wants to wear it all the time.  I also got her this lifejacket/bathing suit & water shoes.  Here she is all ready for our camping trip.  Had to wear the helmet during dinner & threw a fit when I made her take it off for her bath. IMG_4119_Fotor_Collage

We left on Friday around 1 and began our journey to “cottage country” up north.  Pete had the day off & my office closed at 1 but I had to take several calls from the car on the way up.  We anticipated that traffic would be quite bad but were pleasantly surprised that it was a pretty smooth ride.

When we got there we checked place out then changed into our swimsuits & went down to the lake.  After some relaxing, fishing, swimming & a quick ride in the paddle boat we went into town for dinner.  Pete did a little more fishing when we got back.IMG_4140_Fotor_Collage 2IMG_4140_Fotor_Collage

Saturday morning we thought it would be a good idea to bike to the local store so I could get coffee.  We regretted the decision when we figured out that it was a VERY hilly ride.  We made it though.  London LOVED it.  We spent the rest of the morning down by the lake – swimming & fishing.  IMG_0381_Fotor_Collage 3

After lunch London was insisting that we go for another bike ride, so Pete put the bikes on the back of the car & we found a better place for a little ride.  Pete actually stopped at the visitor center & they recommended a local winery/cranberry bog.  It was perfect. IMG_4231_Fotor_Collage

Saturday afternoon while London & I took a little nap Pete went on a fishing excursion – that is in the paddle boat to the island in front of the camp we were staying at.  I don’t know how long he was out there for but right as we got down to the dock, he caught his first & only fish of the weekend.  He paddled it in so we could take a closer look – of course, London was trying to take credit for the catch. IMG_0417_Fotor_Collage 2


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