Summer Vacation: Maine Part 2

Saturday London & I headed down to Rachael’s for a baby shower for Chelsea.  I’m kicking myself because I accidentally deleted a TON of pictures I had from the shower – so upsetting.  I stole these from Rach’s Facebook.1382276_10155799863345500_8586587363743149658_n_Fotor_Collage

Saturday afternoon London & I went to Aunt Molly’s for a lovely dinner & London went tubing for the very first time.  She was very cute.  Sunday we had a lovely time going to the beach with Dad.  London loved the water!IMG_3756_Fotor_Collage 6IMG_3782_Fotor_Collage 6IMG_3782_FotorMonday morning we Shanie, London & I went on a little hike.  Thanks for taking a photo of our journey Shanie! 11665386_10207372741906782_6451694476097620271_n_Fotor


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