Summer Vacation: Rhode Island Part 1

On Wednesday the Bowser bunch arrived!  That evening Pete & I were heading out to dinner with Eddy but before we headed out were able to spend some time with the Bowsers & Pete’s cousins on the Gray side.IMG_2507_Fotor_Collage

Thursday we all went to Capron Park Zoo.  Of course, I forgot my camera & didn’t bring my phone luckily Ally posted a few pictures that I stole :).  Capron is perfect for London’s age group – it’s small & you can see the animals up close.  They also have a splash pad, although London wasn’t having it. IMG_0501_Fotor_Collage

Thursday night we met up with Pat & Katie for drinks.  Friday London had a play date with Michael.  So precious.   IMG_2574_Fotor_Collage 2

Here they are last year…

IMG_2556_Fotor_Collage 1

Friday night we left all the kids with Nani & Poppi and Ally & Travis, Grant & Betsy, Pete & I went out for dinner.  We had a really long wait & were able to play some serious rounds of high, low, jack.


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