Nani & Poppi Visit!

IMG_0513_Fotor_CollageNani & Poppi came to visit this past weekend.  I literally took one picture so I had to borrow the rest from Nani.  Of course, no pictures of her.  Pete & I left early Sunday morning for a wedding in Buffalo, so London got to spend the day & night hanging out with her grandparents.  She had such a good time.  When we got home she was in the best mood…and look at her with Poppi in these pictures.  So cute.

The wedding was the first Indian wedding I have ever attended.  It started at 9:30am with baraat & ceremony.  Everyone that attends from the groom’s side dances in front of the groom on a white horse.  It was very entertaining.  After the ceremony, there was a luncheon.  And then the reception was at 6:00pm.  It was a long day but very fun & great food.  I only managed to get a few pictures.


Monday we drove back to Toronto.  Nani & Poppi headed back to the east coast early Monday afternoon.  It was so good to see them!!



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