Punta Cana

We’re back from a glorious 5 day trip to Punta Cana.Punta Cana 1

We left at 6:00am on Wednesday morning & were in the pool by noon.  London was a dream.  She had the best time; the combination of the pool & the all the kids put her in her glory. Punta Cana 2

Punta Cana 3

The hotel was great – our room was right near the beach & by one of the many pools.  We spent most of the time at the pool.  London didn’t love the ocean, probably because we almost got knocked over by a couple of waves – so we spent most of the time at the pool & the kiddie water park.Punta Cana 5

Punta Cana 4

London had the best time hanging at the pool bar drinking Bahama Mamas with her daddy.  I wasn’t there but I guess at little girl came up to Pete when he was at the pool bar and asked him if he was the owner of the little girl London…so cute. Punta Cana 6Punta Cana 7

The weather was beautiful.  It rained for a couple hours the 2nd day we were there but it was still sunny during the showers.

Punta Cana 8

Punta Cana 9

We got home late last night, technically very early this morning.  We were very lucky that there was empty seats on both flights and London was able to sit in her own seat.  So nice to spend a few days relaxing with these two.Punta Cana 10


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