London’s Birthday Celebrations: Part 2

Sunday morning we headed down to Dad & Shanie’s.  We had a pool party to celebrate Spencer & London’s birthday.  Dad & Shanie (obviously), Aunt Adreth, Lexi & Colin, Hannah & Logan, Aunt Sue & Dan, Aunt Molly, Wayne & Sam, Rachel & Henry, Lynda & Patty, Steph, Teagan & Christopher and Nate & Nevaeh were all there to celebrate.  I think it’s very cool that London had 4 great aunts there; she’s a lucky girl to have so many people (on both sides of her family) that adore her.  Everyone had fun swimming in the new pool.  London was a zombie by the time everyone left from the swimming & socializing.bday6

bday 8

Monday morning we stopped by to see Grammie & Grampa and then Rachael & Hudson before we hit the road back to Rhode Island.

Tuesday afternoon we were on a plane back to Toronto.  London was such a good traveler.  So far we’ve been incredibly lucky with how well she has done during our trips.

Thank you so much to everyone that helped us celebrate London on her first birthday – including everyone that sent gifts & cards from a far.  She is such a lucky girl to have so many thoughtful people in her life.



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