London’s Birthday Celebrations: Part 1

Last week London & I traveled to the east coast.  Gary picked us up from the airport on Wednesday.  We kicked off the birthday celebrations on Thursday night with dinner at Uno’s with Meme, Nani, Poppi, Grant & Betsy.  London was quite cranky but we still had a good time.  She clearly loved her cupcake (I think she actually just loved the attention).  The storage on my phone was full & the battery on my camera died, so I only got a few pictures (Grant got a few funny pictures & the great one of London & her cupcake).


London had a great time playing with all Nani’s jewelry & the piano when we got home.

Bday 2

Friday morning we headed to Maine.  We were lucky enough to get to meet Andi, Pam & baby Oscar on the way to Waterville for lunch.  I didn’t get any pictures but Oscar is so precious.  He’s about 5 weeks old & is only 8 lbs – so tiny & precious.  So great to get to meet him.

Saturday Theresa & I had lunch to celebrate her 80th birthday.  I’ve been friends with her since I was 14 or 15.  I wanted to get a picture of the two of us…but of course, I left my camera in the car & when we got to to her house there was no one to take our picture.

Saturday night we had a birthday party for Jess (39), Nate (31), Spencer (8) and London.  Spencer & Nevaeh helped my mom make a special carrot cake for London for her birthday, very cute. bday 3bday 4

I forced everyone into a little photo shoot.  I’m trying to be better at getting photos this year…but am clearly not doing the best job so far.

bday 5


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