Nani & Poppi Visit

IMG_0370_Fotor_CollageNani & Poppi came for the long weekend (it’s Family Day here in Canada).  They got in early Friday afternoon & headed out first thing this morning.  Friday night we went to Liberty Village for dinner.

Not that they thought they were coming to warmer climates but I felt bad that it was SO cold all weekend.  I guess it didn’t snow, so that’s a plus.  Saturday morning London convinced Poppi to bring her to swim class (I didn’t go but love these pictures). 
IMG_1435_Fotor_CollageSaturday night (Valentine’s Day!) Pete & I went out on the town, lol.  We had a fabulous dinner & night out.  Lucky us. IMG_1250_FotorSunday we had a very low key day.  Pete even cooked dinner!!  This morning London was quite sad to see Nani & Poppi leave.  But we know we’ll see them again soon. Thank you Gary & Eileen for visiting & for a great weekend.


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