Florida Visit – Part 1

London & I got to Grampy & Betty’s late Monday night after a long day of travel.  Nate & the kids also arrived in Florida late Monday night but they ended up staying in a hotel and got to Grampy’s first thing on Tuesday morning.  The kids wanted to get in the pool first thing even though the water was freezing.  Grampy, Nate & Spencer went fishing at Grampy’s “secret spot” and caught a bunch of fish.  Very proud fisherman.Florida - 3While the boys were out fishing Nevaeh caught an anole & London & I caught some zzzz.

When they got back Nevaeh & Spencer picked a bunch of tangerines & made fresh squeezed orange juice – they were quick proud of themselves.IMG_1113_2_Fotor_CollageTuesday afternoon we hung out & enjoyed the beautiful weather.  The kids froze but did go back in the pool.  My grandparents bought their house in Florida when I was 6 & Nate was 8, almost the exact same ages Nevaeh & Spencer are.  Watching them brought back so many great memories we have spending time there with them when we were little. IMG_2571_Fotor_CollageThrowback…Scan 119_Fotor_Collage


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