London: Eleven Months

IMG_0514_FotorIMG_1180_Fotor 2I can hardly believe that in four weeks my baby will be turning one.  Seems insane to me yet here we are.

Milestones: walking! you took your first steps three days after your 10 month birthday – now there is no stopping you | new words: “uh oh”, “ba bye”, “poop” (with some encouragement from daddy), “Nani” | favorite pastimes include reorganizing the kitchen cabinets & drawers, emptying your toy basket, pulling all the books off the shelf, pulling apart your play mat, emptying the drawers in your room – repeat, repeat, repeat | you love pictures of your family | giving lots of kisses, although more often than not you throw some teeth into it | you think it’s hilarious to blow on bellies & to have your belly blown on | started taking baths in the big tub | your comfort item is your binky, you have to have one in your mouth & holding one to go to sleep | sleeping through the night (knock on wood) for about a week now (really hope I didn’t jinx it by putting that in writing) | have graduated to “big girl” carseat but still HATE getting put in it | you’re more interested in books & will bring books to daddy or I to read to you – you love helping turn the pages | you have 3 teeth & I think 2 more are about to pop out

London you are an incredibly happy baby, we are so lucky that we get to be your parents.  You bring us so much joy!  The ladies at daycare (at the gym) always rave about you when I pick you up & always ask if you will be back tomorrow (or whatever the next day is that they are working).  Next month at this time you’ll be elbows deep in cake & ice cream.London 11 Months London 11 Months 2


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