London started swim lessons several weeks ago (well there almost over, so it was quite awhile ago).  She LOVES it!  Not surprising –  We only have one photo since you aren’t allowed to take pictures. lately2Pete’s birthday was earlier this month.  We got a non-familymember babysitter for the first time (weeeee) & went out dinner to celebrate.  It was very nice.

London has been busy trying new foods, crawling around like crazy, & walking with the assistance of her little push-walker.

latelyNani & Poppi came to visit!  Unfortunately the only picture I have of their visit is London watching their plane land.  We had a great weekend with them though.  Pete & I even had a movie & dinner date…so nice to have the grandparents in town.  Poppi took London to swimming.  I didn’t got but I’m sure they both had a blast. lately3The cold weather has definitely arrived.  We didn’t get buried like Buffalo but we did get a dusting of snow.  London’s been rocking her little snowsuit, very cute.

We are all getting very excited for Thanksgiving & Christmas and spending time with friends & family.


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