Georgia Visit

Last week London & I went to Georgia to visit Ally, Jacob, Chloe & T.J.  We arrived on Monday afternoon.  The airport near their house is super small so Ally & the kids were standing outside waving to our plane as soon as we landed – it was a VERY nice welcome!

London & I jumped right into the busy lives of the Bowser Bunch.  It was busy but we made sure to squeeze in some quality dance parties, gymnastic routines, and even a bike ride on our last day there.  Poor T.J. and Jacob were both sick when we were were there (luckily the rest of us managed to stay healthy) – the only good thing about it was we got some extra time to hang out with Jacob since he stayed home from school a couple of days. 20141103-204330.jpgLondon adores her cousins (and I think the feeling is mutual); it’s so fun to watch them all together.  I showed Jacob how to use my camera and he got some great (funny?) shoots of all of us. 20141103-204338.jpgBetsy joined the party on Thursday.  It was really nice to get to spend time with all of them.  Friday was Halloween – I took a TON of pictures so I’m going to have a separate Halloween post.  Sneak peak…20141103-203929.jpgSaturday we went to Jacob’s (and Ally’s, she’s the coach) soccer game.  It was freezing – Betsy & I weren’t expecting temperatures in the 40’s.  But it was really the wind that got to us.  At least Chloe & London were bundled right up.

And I’ll leave you with this awesomeness (unfortunately I can’t seem to get a better quality video).

Ally, thank you so much for an awesome trip.  I don’t know how you do it but you’re doing AMAZING!!


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