London: 7 Months

7 months old!  Grandma & Pepere were here to celebrate London’s 7th month birthday.  We didn’t get a lot of pictures of just London but Pepere did take some great family photos. 20141016-213105.jpgBeautiful girl.  20141016-213126.jpgMilestones: crawling|sleeping in her own bed!|2 teeth|trying new foods|pulling herself to a standing position|loves eating (corn on the cob is the current favorite)|loves getting into things20141016-214452.jpg

Her personality is developing more & more.  She is very determined & is already quite bossy.  She’s a very curious girl – always has to check out anything that is different & especially likes to check out wires & electronics.

 She loves when daddy gets home from work & usually stops whatever she’s doing to crawl as fast as she can over to see him.  Really loves weekends when daddy is home & any other time the three of us are together (when she slept with us when Grandma & Pepere were here she would stretch out laying in between us & make sure she had a hand on both of us before she would fall asleep…so cute).  She’s constantly giving strangers big smiles & even waving at them from time to time.  She’s been spending a few hours a week in “child-minding” when I’m at the gym – I think she’s finally getting used to it.


London you are such a joy to us & everyone you encounter.  You are loved so much little girl.


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