A Wedding…& London’s First Sleepover

20140929-205948.jpgOn Friday Pete, London & I headed to Boston. She did pretty good on the plane but she is getting more and more active which makes things a little more interesting – we even noticed a big difference in her activity level from when we went to New York a couple of weeks ago. Gary picked us up in Boston & we spent Saturday morning hanging out.

Early Saturday afternoon Pete & I took off to go to a wedding (a friend of his from high school). London stayed with Nani & Poppi – the first time I’ve left her overnight. Actually the first time I’ve left her for more than a couple of hours. We have reports that she did pretty good.  Pictures look like she had fun!20140929-205954.jpgThe wedding was absolutely beautiful & the weather couldn’t have been nicer (80’s at the end of September?!). We had a blast.20140930-211505.jpg20140930-211458.jpg

We just got back to Toronto tonight (Sunday) – we even walked home from the airport.

Thank you Nani & Poppi for taking care of London for us!

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