London’s First Foods

Last week we started introducing London to “real” food – that is more than just her typical breast milk (occasionally formula) meals.  At her four month appointment her pediatrician  recommended strictly feeding her breast milk/formula until the six month mark and then introducing solid – and by solids he suggested going straight to real food, skip the baby food purees.  Up until that point I hadn’t really researched this method of introducing foods (known as baby-led weaning) but after spending quite a bit of time reading/researching we decided we’d give it a try.  20140920-191932.jpg

So after getting the go-ahead for food at her six month appointment we started foods & so far it’s going well.  Our pediatrician still recommended introducing one food every couple of days (some baby-led weaning guidelines suggest just going at it with all different kinds of food), so that is the route we are going.  London has been loving eating, although we aren’t sure just how much she is actually eating.  So far she’s had banana, avocado (seemingly her favorite so far), toast with banana or avocado or hummus, and butternut squash.  Oh ya, she’s also having canned prunes – she needs the prunes so to make sure she’s getting them we “spoon” feed them to her.  Definitely not her favorite.

Here’s a few clips of her eating that a I threw together 

And some more pictures, ’cause these two are so cute. 20140920-191950.jpg


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