End of Summer Trip to Maine – Part 2

Monday morning London & I headed out to spend the day with Dad & Shanie.  Dad took us on a surprise trip up Mount Battie.  Of course, I didn’t have my phone or camera with me since I didn’t know where we were going but I will tell you that it was beautiful.  Such an amazing view.

We met up with Grammie, Grampa, Aunt Sue, Aunt Molly & Uncle Wayne for lunch.  After lunch we had a tour of Aunt Molly’s new garage/offices – quite impressive!  Nate & the kids met us for an afternoon of fun at the Windsor Fair.  It was hot but we had a blast, especially the kids.20140904-092709.jpg20140904-092652.jpgLondon & I stayed at Dad & Shanie’s on Monday night.  Tuesday morning Dad made me fresh Maine blueberry pancakes for breakfast before London & I headed to Grampy & Betty’s where we had lunch & hung out for the afternoon. 20140904-092632.jpg

On our way back to Mom & Phil’s we stopped for a swim at Aunt Molly’s.  Dad came down for a hot second but was too much of a wimp to go swimming – outdone by his 5 month old granddaughter. Aunt Sue & Dan came over too.  Wish I had a video of Aunt Molly & Aunt Sue singing to London – she thought they were hysterical & was laughing her head off. 20140904-092610.jpgWe spent Wednesday & Thursday hanging out & recovering from our busy week (poor London had a hard time getting in a good nap with all of our running around & was SO exhausted).  Friday morning Mom, London & I left first thing in the morning to head to Kittery to meet Gary & Meme & head to Rhode Island.  Of course we squeezed in a little bit of shopping first. 🙂


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