Nate, Spencer & Nevaeh Visit!

I was lucky enough to have some visitors to keep me company when Pete was in London & Paris. Nate, Spencer & Nevaeh arrived around noon on Monday, they broke up the trip & stayed in Montreal on Sunday night – I have tons of pictures. We hit the pool almost immediately upon their arrival. London was super happy to show her cousins what a great swimmer she is.20140810-140730.jpgAfter swimming for a bit we went to the zoo. Unfortunately there were torrential downpours when we were there & we only got to see part of the zoo. We made a dash for it after being stuck under a small rock ledge with about 20 people for 20 or so minutes – and got completely soaked.  We were taking some selfies while waiting for the rain to stop. 20140809-204703.jpg

Of course, by the time we got out to the car the sun was shining & it was hot as can be out – oh well! We had fun anyway. And as we were getting ready to leave the lady in the car next to us came up to my window & asked if she could use my phone…because she locked her 18 month old in the car.  So scary.  I called 911 & the firetruck was there in less than 10 minutes to help.20140809-204803.jpg20140809-204739.jpg

Tuesday we went to Niagara Falls. My third trip (first & second) but first time on the boat that goes up to the falls. It was pretty cool & again, we all got soaked. Such a beautiful place.20140809-204846.jpg20140809-204825.jpg20140809-204907.jpg

On our way home we went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was the kids first time going (there isn’t one in Maine but they’ve seen commercials for it) & they had a blast. Spencer said he had been waiting 5 years to go and it was a dream come true – so funny. Nevaeh had more fun making friends & bossing them around than playing the games which worked out well since Nate & Spencer were ticket earning machines. We split up with the kids so I don’t have any pictures of Nate & Spencer.20140809-204920.jpgWe went back to the pool when we got back on Wednesday & had the place all to ourselves. Lots of fun for the kids.

Wednesday we were planning on heading to the beach first thing but London had a weird breathing thing going on so I wanted to take her to the clinic across the street. The kids & Nate wen to the pool while I was there & when I got back they decided they just wanted to hang out by the pool (and the “hot pool” in our building that just reopened) for the day. With the exception of the break they took to go get lunch, they pretty much swam all day. There were different kids there all day so they made tons of friends. Pete got home around 2 and decided to take London to the clinic at St. Joe’s (it’s a clinic that specializes in kids). She’s fine – just picked up a little virus, probably from Chuck E. Cheese.20140810-065943.jpgNate & Spencer went to the Blue Jays game on Wednesday night. Nevaeh was much too exhausted to go so we just stayed home & hung out. She was my big helper putting London to bed.

20140810-121807.jpgFirst thing Thursday morning we went to the aquarium. The aquarium is small (it is right downtown so that makes sense) but super nice.

20140810-140315.jpg20140810-121108.jpgWhen we got home from the aquarium Nate packed up the kids & headed home. They made it to their house in a record 9 hours – pretty amazing with two little kids. I’m so happy they came – we had a blast!

And finally here is a little video of some of the clips I captured when they were here. 


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