New England Vacation: Sunday & Monday in Maine

I headed to Maine on Saturday afternoon after meeting up with Britt, Michele & Mikayla in Boston. London did exceptionally well on the trip up. In fact, she has done so well with all the traveling we have done. We’re driving back to Toronto (well GG is driving) as I type this & she is sound asleep. I’m really impressed with how amazing she does in the car.

Sunday Nate, Kristy & the kids came over and made us lunch. So good to see them & I remembered to get a cousins picture this time.  We had a cake to celebrate Kristy’s birthday.  20140729-151706.jpg
Early Sunday afternoon London & I headed down to the coast. Dad & Shanie had a family party for London at Aunt Molly’s house. It was great to see everyone. Of course, when you have a baby everyone loses interest in you & only wants to see the baby :). I can’t blame them. Dad made his chicken & Shanie made all kinds of other good food, including trifle which was amazing – we definitely felt spoiled. It was also amazing to see Tim & Myriah after not seeing them for a year!!20140729-151735.jpg
Sunday night we had a little slumber party at Rachael’s house – Tim, Myriah, London & I stayed over. Rachael, Dave, Henry & Hudson were kind enough to host us and Rachael was kind enough to whip up a batch of brownies at midnight for us to eat.
Monday we hung around Rachael’s & then went to Lucia Beach. I hadn’t been there for years. It was a bit overcast so it wasn’t crowded at all. We stayed for a few hours. Henry, Hudson, & Tim were brave enough to go swimming in the freezing cold water. Thankfully Rachael had a sun tent that London was able to hang out in. I get very nervous about her being in the sun for very long.  The only two pictures I have…love that curly hair. 20140729-151748.jpg
We left Lucia Beach and went to Grampy & Betty’s house. We had dinner there & stayed the night. Tuesday morning we walked around the island with them & hung out for a bit. Grampy took us out to lunch at a little lobster stand down the road. It was so good to see & spend time with them.
Tuesday afternoon I swung by dad’s store & then took London to meet Bill & Sylvia. They were thrilled to meet her.
From Bill & Sylvia’s we went over to Aunt Molly’s for a swim. It was London’s first time in the lake & she absolutely loved it. I didn’t know how she would do because the water seemed a bit cold when you first got in but she really loved swimming with her aunt Mol.
After our lovely swim, we all headed over to Aunt Sue’s for dinner. Aunt Lynne was there too! I don’t think I’ve seen her since our wedding so it was nice to see her & to introduce her to London. London (me too) were very amused by Grammie wearing Sam’s hat.20140729-151804.jpg
Tim, Myriah, London & I went back to Aunt Molly’s after dinner for another round of swimming, well I didn’t swim but London did (got some pictures this time around), & a fire. With a little pressure, Sam even waited on us hand & foot. It was the perfect summer night.

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