New England Vacation: Newport & Paw Sox

Monday night Pete, London & I met a good friend of his for dinner.  Of course, we love to show London off every chance we get.  We did bring two cars to dinner incase she acted up I could leave but I only had to walk her for a few minutes and she slept all through dinner.

Tuesday Pete & I decided to head to Newport for the night, with London of course – I’m not quite ready to leave her overnight yet – it was our little vacation getaway.  We got to Newport in the early afternoon, checked into the hotel & walked around visiting all the little shops.  I’ve only been to Newport a couple of times before & never just to stroll around.  We did head back to the hotel in time to watch the whatever World Cup game was on that afternoon. 20140729-063705.jpg
We had a couple of recommendations to eat at 22? Bowen’s.  It was excellent.  Again, we hoped London would make it through dinner without a problem & she was pretty good.  We sat outside & were able to take her for a quick walk the couple of times she woke up.  After dinner we strolled around a bit more & stopped for ice cream.
Wednesday morning London & Pete were up early & went for a walk around Newport – lucky for me they brought me back an iced coffee & breakfast!  We attempted to go to the beach but little did we know that a tropical storm was moving in.  The weather was really nice but it was super windy.  Too windy to keep an infant at the beach for more than an hour.  We did manage to have a little photo shoot while we were there.  Some lady was kind enough to snap a couple family photos.20140729-063730.jpg
On our way home we stopped to visit my great aunt Adreth.  They were eating lunch when we arrived (she’s at an assisted living center) so everyone there was thrilled to see London.  It’s amazing how much joy babies bring to people.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of her & London – which I’m really kicking myself over.
Wednesday afternoon London took a dip in her little pool.  This little girl loves the water – the bath/shower, the pool, the lake – she is a water baby. 20140729-063834.jpg
Wednesday evening Grant, Betsy, Ally, Travis, Chance, Chris, Jacob, Pete, London & I went to the Paw Sox game.  I think we made it to about the 6th or 7th inning before I had to take London home.  It was super hot & humid and she had just had it.  Of course, she was happy as a clam the minute we left the ballpark & asleep after being in her carseat for 5 minutes.  The rest of the crew stayed to watch the fireworks after the game. 20140729-063841.jpg


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