New England Vacation: Fourth of July Eve & Fourth of July

20140729-150141.jpgThursday evening we had some friends over for dinner. Pete & Dave have been friends since they were little – it’s nice that our kids are so close in age. Michael was born in the beginning of January. Cute pair!20140729-191338.jpg

Everyone else at the house had gone out to dinner for Jacob’s birthday but we got in the cake when they got home.20140729-191359.jpg

Friday morning we headed over to Meme’s first thing to watch the 4th of July road race. Ally, Travis, Chance & Jacob all ran in the race. I should have but I thought it was going to be super hot, turns out it was perfect running weather – rainy & cool. Hopefully next year I’ll be in MUCH better shape & will be able to run. The parade was held shortly after the race wrapped up. We were a little concerned that it was going to get cancelled due to the rain but obviously not.20140729-144719.jpg20140729-144657.jpg20140729-144744.jpg

We had a really nice family dinner on Thursday night.20140729-150115.jpg



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