Gray & Bowser Trip to Toronto

As I mentioned in the previous post, Grant & Betsy followed me home to Toronto on Thursday afternoon (everyone else stayed in Niagara for an additional night).  Thursday night the five of us went to the Blue Jays game.  London had pretty much had it for the day so I left with her I think in the four inning – it’s so nice we live close to the ballpark.  I don’t have any pictures from the game but they said they had a good time.

Grant & Betsy left first thing Friday morning & the rest of gang arrived around lunch time. It was really nice that they were all able to stay in the hotel that is attached to our apartment building – it made it really easy for them to come hang out at our place.  Friday we had lunch at our apartment.  After lunch Gary & the Bowsers went out on the Kajama, which a big, pirate-looking sailboat that does a harbor tour.  Eileen & I walked up to meet Pete on his way home from work.

When they got back from the harbor tour we went back & the kids, Pete & Travis went swimming.  Everyone came over to our apartment for dinner.  Unfortunately I seem to have no pictures from Friday or Saturday morning.

Saturday morning Travis, Chance, Chris, Jacob & Gary went up the CN Tower.  The rest of us hung out & walked around a bit.  Pete & I tried to take Chloe & TJ to Jr. Jays Days but unfortunately they’ve locked the place down to only allow people with tickets to the game in (which makes perfect sense but I was up there a week or 2 before and anyone could go so I thought it would be fun to bring Chloe & TJ). 

When the crew got home & everyone had eaten lunch we headed out to take the ferry to Toronto Island.  Pete & I had never been & didn’t know what to expect.  Turns out it’s quite nice over there.  We went to the beach but you do a bunch of stuff over there.  I’ll definitely go back.20140714-205228.jpg20140714-205240.jpg20140714-205240.jpg20140714-205304.jpgWe had dinner on the pool deck on Saturday night (Pete & I discovered you could eat up there, and the food was good, a couple of weeks before).  Great place to eat with kids, they can swim until dinner is served.  Everyone came back to our place after dinner because thought there were going to be fireworks over the lake that we would be able to see from our apartment.  The fireworks went off late after everyone had gone back to the hotel but we could barely see them.

On Sunday morning Pete, London & I left for Rhode Island at 5:00am.  Everyone else was on the road that morning as well.  It was a quick trip to Toronto but we were so glad that everyone came to visit!! 20140714-205247.jpg

Old Navy’s Canada Day shirts make great souvenirs!


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