East Coast Trip: London Meets Maine

I have so much catching up to do…

Last week (Friday the 16th) London made her first trip to the US of A.  For some silly reason we decided it would be a good idea to drive (ok, really I wanted to have a car since I was going to be in New England for a little over a week).  The trip, Toronto to Waterville, took us just under 12 hours…it was long.  London did amazing though, something about the car seat puts her to sleep every time…thankfully.  The last leg of the trip, pretty much when you get off the highway in Canada, was a bit rough.  It was pouring rain & foggy and the two lane road was super curvy & of course you have to be on red alert for moose & deer (we saw many a deer but no moose) the whole – high stress driving.  Pete was amazing. London got her passport stamped (they don’t usually stamp US passports coming or going from Canada) & her photo taken at the border. Mom & Phil were anxiously waiting up for us.  London was very happy to finally get to meet her Pepere.   20140529-091638.jpg

Saturday morning before we headed off to Grampy’s London got to meet Nevaeh & Aunt Jess.  Nevaeh was instantly smitten.  So precious to see my girls together. Nevaeh fed London a bottle & even changed her diaper.

Logan, Lexi, Colin, Aunt Adreth, Grampy & Betty were all at Grampy’s for lunch.  Logan brought lobster – such a treat!  Colin, Lexi’s little boy, is 13 days older than London.

After visiting for a while we went to see Dad & Shanie.  Of course, London was happy to meet Pops & Nana.

20140529-091305.jpgSunday London & surprised Theresa at church – church is such great excuse to get kids dressed up but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures (my picture taking efforts in Maine were pretty poor).  After church, Nate, Kristy, Spencer, Nevaeh, Andrew & Fang came over to Mom & Phil’s for lunch.  So fun to show London off to everyone.20140529-091723.jpg

Pete had to head back to Toronto on Monday, someone has to work around here:).  I got to spend Monday hanging out with my mom & Phil.  Tuesday London & I went to Grammie & Grampa’s house where London got to meet Grammie, Grampa, Aunt Stacey & Aunt Sue.  We met up with Aunt Molly & Uncle Wayne for lunch and after lunch went to Rachael’s.  I’m so happy that London has so many cousins & second cousins close in age.  We didn’t plan it but it worked out well that Rachael & I went over to Zach’s to meet Teagan at the bus so we also got to see Steph, Teagan & Christopher (of course I have no pictures & even had to steal some of these pictures from Aunt Stacey & Rachael).20140529-091745.jpg

It was busy but so awesome to be able to introduce London to all of her family in Maine.  Thank you everyone for making time for us! We can’t wait to see you in July!  Wednesday morning London & I were off to Rhode Island.


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