East Coast Trip: London Meets Rhode Island

London & I arrived in Rhode Island on Wednesday afternoon.  When Poppi got home we all went over to visit/meet Meme.  On Thursday we spent the day hanging out & running errands with Nani.  In the afternoon we went to Meme’s – Auntie Cil, Olivia, & Auntie Dottie were all there waiting to meet London. No pictures but Olivia was loving London, she’s Nevaeh’s age and had about the same reaction to holding a little baby.  When we got home Grant, Betsy & Trish were waiting – everyone wants to meet London! Thursday night Melissa came over with Julia & Eva.  Both girls were super cute with London…I can’t believe how grown up Julia is, Eva too (when I first met Eva she wasn’t even walking).  20140529-091855.jpgFriday morning we hung out with Nani & Poppi.  Friday afternoon London & I headed into Boston to meet to have dinner with Michele & Britt and pick Pete up from the airport.  I was so happy I got to introduce London to two of my best friends – picture got mixed in with the pictures from Maine.

As you  might be able to imagine Pete was very happy to be reunited with his girl.  The airport was absolutely slamming – busiest I’ve ever seen it.  Pete said the line to clear customs was 90 minutes long – thankfully he (we) have Nexus.  When we got home from the airport we were greeted at the car by Ally, Jacob & Chloe.  Lucky for us our trip overlapped with their’s for a day or two. 20140529-091916.jpgThe kids were great with London & happy to have a brand new cousin.  We’re really looking forward to the entire Bowser bunch (and Nani & Poppi and maybe, Grant & Betsy)coming to Toronto at the end of June.

Jacob, Chloe & TJ were staying with Gary & Eileen for the week so Ally had these shirts made for all the kids, including London & Nani & Poppi and Murphy.  Hard to see in the pictures but the front says: 1st Annual Nani & Poppi Camp 2014.  A grandparent is a little bit of a parent, a teacher, and a best friend. The back: What Happens Here Stays Here: Expect to be spoiled, No parents allowed, laugh~giggle~snuggle, Play lots of games, Storytelling, Always have fun, Bedtime negotiable, Endless hugs and kisses. 20140529-091959.jpgSaturday we had a BBQ – Grant & Betsy and Meme came over.  We hung out for the afternoon & were able to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I came upstairs from packing to find Snow White & six of the seven dwarfs – so precious.20140529-092021.jpg

  Sunday morning we hit the road back to Toronto around 11.  The trip back seemed much easier than the drive there.  We stopped in Buffalo for dinner & some grocery shopping.20140529-091937.jpg

It was so good to be home & for London to get to meet so much of her family, extended family & friends.  We’re looking forward to being back on the east coast in July.





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