London Elizabeth: Week Three


Nani & Poppi accompanied us to the doctors (seems like we’ve been spending a LOT of time over the last couple of weeks with doctors).  London’s continuing to gain weight at the expected rate (yay!).  Unfortunately, Nani & Poppi had to go home Tuesday morning.  We were incredibly happy they were able to visit!

London went to her first NHL game.  Pete won tickets at work.  I was hesitant to bring London but told Pete we could go if he found her some headphones.  He came through & she ended up sleeping through almost the entire game.  She had a pacifier for the first before the game – had to pack it in case of emergency.  Pete was extremely excited to bring her to the game.  She even got an official “It’s my first game” certificate & puck. 20140414-182907.jpg20140414-182859.jpg

Pete spent a couple of days in New York for work; London & I survived being home alone.  We had an evaluation at the Breastfeeding Clinic.  The nurses there are SO nice & want to do everything they can to help support breastfeeding mothers.



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