London Elizabeth: Week One

20140328-152902.jpgAbout 2 hours after London was born we were moved from Labor & Delivery to the Mom & Baby Unit.  We had requested a private room but the hospital was busy so we had to settle for a semi-private.  Fortunately there was no one else in the room and by the time they had showed up a private room had opened up and we were just waiting for it to be cleaned before we could move.

Everyone suggests trying to get some sleep however we had nurses and doctors visiting our room every 1.5 to 2 hours to change my IV, check on me, check on her, etc.  I have no idea how they expect you to rest at all with all those interuptions.  You can see in the pictures above that London has a ankle bracelet on.  All babies on the floor have these; if they leave the floor with it on the alarms will sound and the floor goes into lockdown.

For a straightforward, vaginal delivery the hospital only “lets” you stay for about 24 hours.  The babies are discharged after they “pass” the blood test that is taken hour post birth.  We were dismissed around noon on Tuesday, right after the nurse gave London her first bath (pictured above).  I think we were all ready to return to the comforts of our own home, especially Pete – sleeping in a hospital chair didn’t do his back any favors.

20140328-152852.jpgHere we are getting ready to go home.  London & her exhausted mom and London in her carseat.  Hanging out at home (pictured below).  20140328-152830.jpgOur pediatrian was on vacation so for her 48 hour post hospital discharge appointment we had to go to a clinic at St. Joseph’s.  After waiting for almost 1.5 hours we got in to see the pediatrian, only to find out that our precious little girl was very dehydrated (she had lost almost a pound) and would have to be admitted.  Heartbreaking for Pete & I to hear.  My milk hadn’t come in, so she wasn’t getting enough to eat/drink, poor little thing.  After taking her blood, they determined she needed an IV to get fluids.  Very hard for us to watch.  Still the cutest even with her IV. 20140328-152808.jpgThe three of us stayed in the hospital Thursday and Friday night; we were released on Saturday morning when London was looking and feeling MUCH better.  Thankfully we had a great team of nurses and a wonderful pediatrian during our time there, unfortunately the pediatrian didn’t have her own practice – I tried to get her to be London’s doctor.  We left with a feeding plan and a plan to see our pediatrian on Tuesday when she was back in the office.

20140328-152750.jpgWe spent our first weekend at home relaxing, napping, & watching a little hockey.  20140328-152740.jpg*Very happy to report that in her subsequent doctor visits London has been gaining weight at a steady pace & has been getting overall good reports.



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