Next Week

Baby Gray is due a week from today.  Crazy.  Lexi had baby Colin on Tuesday evening.  I was thinking it would be funny if we both had our babies this past Monday, since it was Grampy’s birthday BUT that obviously didn’t happen.

Here are some pictures of her nursery.20140226-101245.jpgI framed some pieces of fabric, found some prints online, and am waiting for some custom (Nevaeh made me some bubble prints) pieces to fill in some of the blanks/replace the generic ones.  The cross painting is from my cousin, Myriah.  The sand dollar was found on a beach near Grampy’s house in Florida.  You can see our hospital bags packed in the corner.  20140226-101013.jpg20140226-100844.jpgThe Murphy bed kind of dictated how the room needed to be setup.  The apartment owner asked us if we wanted him to take it but the bed will be nice to have when we have visitors.  We think we can easily move the crib to pull down the bed.  It also gives us quite a bit of storage.

I made the crib skirt, blanket, bunting and bureau runner with some coordinating fabrics I got when we were in China.  I also made the blanket on the back of the glider in our room.  I bought a crib skirt but then realized how easy it is to make one. I sewed this one but really you could make it using only Stitch Witchery.   And, as my mom would say, it adds a lot more character/texture than a white ruffle skirt (although I did really like that skirt but it was a HUGE pain to iron).photo(2)Now all we need is a baby!


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