Niagara Falls in February

This weekend we had appointments at the border to complete our Nexus enrollment.  The appointments were on Sunday but on Saturday morning Pete suggested, since it was such a nice day, that we head down/over there & stay the night.  We had a bunch of errands to run in the US & I had never seen Niagara Falls so it worked for me.Niagra 1We spent a couple of hours walking around on the Canadian side of the falls.  It was windy but not freezing.  Really one of the nicer days we’ve had since we’ve been here.Niagra 2The falls were quite beautiful with all the ice.  Some of the crevasses must have been 20 feet of ice.  I was glad to see it in the winter. Niagra 3From the falls we headed to Buffalo to run errands & grab dinner.  We both passed our Nexus “interviews” on Sunday morning & were on our way home.  The baby will need her own card, so we’ll have to repeat the process in a month or two.


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