Apartment Tour

Top picture is what you see when you first walk in.  To the right is the hallway to the bedrooms & bathrooms, to the right is the laundry room & 2 coat closets.  You can see that we have quite a bit of storage in the laundry room, stocked full with my sewing/arts & craft supplies.  That box is our end table that arrived broken…just waiting for the replacement pieces.20140220-164906.jpg

Here is the living/dining area.  You can see that most of our furniture/decor moved with us.  There are lots of windows/natural light.  20140220-164915.jpg

There is just enough room behind the couch for a little work/sew station.  Bottom pictures are of the hallway bathroom.20140220-164930.jpgThe kitchen.  It’s small (especially compared to the dream kitchen in our house) but not teeny.  The space is extremely functional which I think really helps compensate for the size.  We didn’t have a table that would fit this space, so we asked the owner to leave theirs (well he asked us if there was anything we wanted him to leave).  They chose to leave the rug too.  I’m not a huge fan of it but it hasn’t been worth the hassle of removing it.

20140220-164921.jpgMaster bedroom. With a walk-in closet!!  Plenty of room for the baby’s bassinet when she arrives.20140220-164850.jpgAnd finally the master bath.  It’s been really nice having a master bath & even nicer to have that huge soaker tub.  And I thought I throw in a couple of selfies (38 weeks tomorrow) since you could see my huge belly in some of the pictures.20140220-164856.jpg

I’ll post pictures of the nursery at some point next week when I get things finished up in there.


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