36 Weeks


View from our apartment

Friday we hit the t-one month mark…+/- four weeks until we meet our little girl.  We are definitely anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Thankfully we found a doctor and we like her.  From here on out, I’ll go see her every week.  Baby Gray was measuring in the 70th % (5.5 pounds) when I had my ultrasound 2 weeks ago.  Our doctor doesn’t like to see patients go beyond the 41 week mark, so if we are getting close to hitting 41 weeks we’ll schedule an induction.

This Friday I’ll be “full term”, so it’s safe for her to arrive at any point after that.  Of course, most first time moms go beyond their due date.  I guess we can only wait & see.

20140208-113751.jpgAnd here I am looking enormous.


3 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. Here you are looking AMAZING! So amazing and glowing making me bawl this morning thinking that you are gonna be the best mom! Love you and baby girl so much!

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