Life in Toronto

Last weekend Pete & I took advantage of “Winterlicious” (I think it’s equivalent to Chef’s Week in Chicago) to try out a new restaurant.  The restaurant was in the building next to the building Pete works in.  He ran up at lunch to see if he could get a reservation.  At some point during that conversation he mentioned we were new to Toronto and they must have made note of it because after dessert we got this little extra piece of art. The food was excellent and the views of the city were spectacular. 20140208-113656.jpg

Because it’s been so cold we’ve spent minimal time outside exploring the area.  It’s also snowed like every third day so as soon as the sidewalks are decent enough to walk on, they’re covered again.  Less than ideal for me to go out for a walk.  I’m definitely looking forward to Spring.

Saturday we spent some time looking for furniture.  Pete was very patient with me being very indecisive.  Sunday we went to our first of two pre-natal classes.  It covered the basics of what to expect when Baby Gray decides to make an appearance and a tour of the Labor & Delivery floor and the Mom & Baby Unit at the hospital.  The standards here, as far as I can tell, are very similar to the US.

This past weekend we went to our first hockey game here in Canada.  The Marleys are the feeder team for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The company Pete works for has a box there, so we had the box to ourselves for the game.20140208-113647.jpgYesterday we went to part two of the pre-natal classes.  Unfortunately we had a different instructor who was nowhere near as knowledgable as the nurse we had last week.   Oh well.  We’re now ready for Baby Gray to arrive…well as ready as we are going to be. 🙂


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