Another Drive to Toronto

After the baby shower on Saturday Gary picked up the rental SUV to drive to Toronto.  It’s a little complicated but we rented a car in Rhode Island, drove to Buffalo dropped off the rental, Pete picked us up at the rental car place (he drove from Toronto), and then the three of us drove back to Toronto.  This did a couple things…Gary was able to fly home instead of having to drive back by himself and by dropping the car off in Buffalo we didn’t have to pay an international drop fee.  We were also a little concerned about rolling up to the border with a car packed to the brim with gifts (you know there are rules about what/how much you can bring in as permanent residences before you have to start paying tax).

Saturday afternoon I spent some time organizing everything that was coming to Toronto with us and then Ally, Gary & I loaded the car.  It had to be a bit strategic since the car we were loading was bigger than our car, we didn’t want to block the back window for the trip to Buffalo, and we would have one more person in the car from Buffalo to Toronto.  Once I saw how much room was left (not much) I went out to pick up a few additional things we needed for the baby.  Of course I came home with way more than I anticipated but thanks to Ally’s help we were able to fit everything into the car and, more importantly, it all fit into our car in Buffalo.

I do wish I had a picture of our car once loaded in Buffalo.  When we went through the border the lady in the booth couldn’t see me sitting behind the passenger seat, the car was that full.  Lucky for us they didn’t ask too many question and we were on our way after only a few minutes at the booth.

Besides hitting some lake effect snow outside Buffalo the trip went really well.  Gary and I were on the road before 6am (we had to get Toronto for the 3pm Patriots game).  Even with a few stops we were in Buffalo around 12:30/1 I think.  The three of us were in our apartment literally as they started playing the National Anthem at the game.

Thankfully Gary stayed until Tuesday morning and was a HUGE help to me cleaning, moving boxes, and unpacking on Monday.  As much as I hate to admit it, being 7.5 months pregnant has had an effect on my mobility.  Gary was able to help with a lot of things that were just hard/uncomfortable for me to do (thanks GG!!).

Pictures of the new place coming soon.  We got the last box out of here on Sunday so it’s coming along.

I did a bit of running around picking up things Pete and I needed for the new apartment but mostly any additional things we needed for the baby.


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