Selling Our House

In mid-October we met with our realtor to discuss what we could do to help get our house “market ready”.  At that point we were not planning on putting our house on the market so quickly but we knew that a move was likely in our future and wanted to start making any improvements that would help move the house when we needed/decided to list.

We had a list of potential improvements and Donna did a walk-through and pointed out some other minor improvements.  Over the next couple of weeks we went to town making the fixes we were able to make and brought in a contractor to do some of the work we were unable to complete ourselves.  Claudio fixed the dry bar in the basement (we loved how it came out and kicked ourselves for waiting to have it done), did some painting, and removed the glass door from the shower upstairs.

After much consideration (and advice from Donna) we decided to go ahead and list the house before heading home for Thanksgiving.  There were many comparable houses on the market, maybe even nicer/bigger houses, but the locations were all terrible giving us a potential market advantage.  Donna came over again and advised on how to best stage the house (at this point we had already been selling furniture, de-personalizing, and staging to some degree).  Before we left for Thanksgiving, we had the house staged.  We actually got an email from Donna that the house had been listed on our way to airport.  Here are the listing pictures.20140113-114516.jpg20140113-114225.jpg20140113-114219.jpgNow check out the pictures I took when we bought the house.  At some point I’m going to do a separate post of all the home improvements we made.

I think the first offer came in on the house on Sunday or Monday.  We had a couple offers.  After a few days of negotiating, we had a signed contract on Thanksgiving.  So thankful we were able to sell the place so quickly and able to show it when we weren’t home.  We had a little back and forth after the home inspection was done but in the end were very happy with offer.  We signed the closing documents on January 2nd, literally right before we hit the road to Toronto.  The timing couldn’t have worked out better (Pete might disagree since he had to organize/air traffic control the movers when I was still on the east coast).

2121 N Verde was a great first house!  We both loved it but as I keep saying to Pete, “I’m super excited for our next adventure” which is already underway!!


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