Rhode Island Baby Shower

MLK weekend I flew to back to the east coast for a baby shower in Rhode Island. I arrived on Thursday evening. On Friday, Mom, Phil & I went to visit my great Aunt Adreth. She’s not doing very well but did recognize us and had a few very entertaining stories to tell us. I was very glad to have seen her especially since I didn’t make it there over Christmas.

Friday evening Ally arrived from Georgia with TJ (they came up just for the shower!!). The shower was Saturday morning at the Radisson (you might remember Betsy’s bridal shower was there as well). They do a really nice job. The food was excellent; I had like 10 piece of French toast, so delicious.

Ally, Betsy, and Eileen did such an amazing job with the planning, organizing, games, decorations and favors. It was really wonderful. Betsy’s friend made the cake; seriously does it get any cuter than that? It was also VERY tasty.20140128-091834.jpgWe played a couple of fun games. The first was to see which team of two could change and reswaddle a baby the fastest. Melissa and I won (Pete & I might be getting some more practice at the parenting class we’re going to this weekend). The baby we were swaddling was wearing the onesie my mom had made for Chloe as a Save the Date for Pete & I’s wedding. The second game was guess the cost of the baby goods. It was confirmed that babies are very expensive and we also learned the CVS is not the most budget-friendly place to buy baby supplies.

I had two excellence helpers that assisted me in opening presents. A little poem was included as part of the invitation requesting that people brought and signed/wrote a message in a book instead of a card for the baby. I absolutely love this idea. Not only did Baby Gray get showered with so many wonderful gifts but she now also has a wonderful book collection.20140128-091829.jpgI probably used these same words in my post after the shower in Maine but I feel incredibly lucky and blessed that our daughter is already loved by so many lovely people. Thank you so much to everyone that came or sent gifts!! The three of us appreciate it so very much!!



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