Baby Shower

The Saturday after Christmas Melissa and Mom threw me a lovely baby shower. I wish I had taken some pictures of the decorations – we used my grandmother’s china and hung vintage baby gowns/clothes around. It was quite cute.

Baby Gray (and me, of course) was very spoiled! It was wonderful to have friends and family come celebrate this little girl we’re so excited to meet. Pete’s parents came up from Rhode Island just for the shower, Lynda left work for a couple hours and drove from Freeport to come, Andi came up from Connecticut, Rachael, Aunt Adreth & Lexi came from the coast…needless to say I was feeling very blessed. Pete’s parents gave me an Alex and Ani bracelet for Christmas that says “Completely Blessed” which really sums up how I’ve been feeling all year.

Although I didn’t get any pictures during the shower, after the shower we had a little photo shoot. Sarah, Andi & I – my best friends from high school. 20140104-130713.jpgMom, Lexi, Aunt Adreth and I. Lexi is due three weeks to the day before me. She’s having a little boy, Colin Alexander. Can’t wait to meet him and for our kids to be so close in age! 20140104-130705.jpg

Group shot and Jess & I.20140113-142329.jpgThanks so much to everyone!! We are very lucky to have each and every one of you in our lives!


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