We celebrated Christmas, on Christmas, at Mom & Phil’s.  We had a relatively lazy morning until the gang all arrived in the early afternoon.  There was a bit of mayhem while everyone opened gifts.  We continue to be very spoiled. 20140104-130751.jpgNate & Kristy got lobsters for everyone – so we had quite the feast after all presents were opened (poor Pete was the only one that doesn’t like lobster, clearly not as “Mainer” as he thinks he is!).  Mom even shucked all the leftovers so we enjoyed lobster salad the next day for lunch.  Family photo.20140109-165623.jpgSomehow the last family photo I can find is from 2009, before Pete & I were even married, before I started this blog…kinda funny that everyone is in almost the same exact position/spot. 20140109-171101.jpgIt was another great Christmas!  I’ll leave you with this gem..20140109-165615.jpg


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