Christmas Eve

Pete & I headed up to Maine on Christmas Eve after a very brief visit in Rhode Island.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with the Pease family at Rachael’s new house (Aunt Molly was planning on hosting but due to the East Coast ice storm had been without power for 3 days – somehow she still managed to put together a feast fit for royalty).  Rachael and Dave’s new house is gorgeous.  It has an ideal layout for entertaining – open kitchen, dining and living room.  There is a playroom off the dining room that keeps the kid craziness contained (there are now six little kids in the family – hard to believe).

We stopped at Dad and Shanie’s on the way to Rachael’s.  I didn’t know it until we got there but Pete was hoping that my dad would let him shoot his shotgun.  Pete has never shot a gun before so this was quite the event.  He did surprisingly very well.  After a couple warm up shots he was able to hit both targets my dad put out for him.20140104-130829.jpgAfter intro to shotguns 101, we all headed up to Rachael’s.  It was wonderful to have the majority of the family together, although Myriah & Tim and Aunt Stacey and Johnny were greatly missed.  I don’t have a group shot but the picture on on the top left below is all the “great-grandchildren” plus Sam (left to right, top to bottom: Teagan 7, Nevaeh 5, Baby Gray 30 weeks baked, Christopher 3, Henry 4, Spencer 6, Sam 13, Hudson 1 – hopefully I got all the ages right). Unfortunately, I didn’t get more photos of the rest of the group.20140104-130835.jpgAfter celebrating with the whole family, our family went to Dad and Shanie’s to continue the celebration.  As always, we we’re incredibly spoiled there.  As you can see below, I did make everyone pose for a group shot…although I almost didn’t post this because it’s an awful picture of me – note to self, try to stand in the back when you are that huge, yikes.  Here we are last yearAnd the year before.20140104-130824.jpgIt was a great Christmas Eve.  Crazy to think that next year there will be a new addition to the family photos.  PS – if you are wondering who the tall guy is on the right behind Shanie, that’s Samuel.  He is an exchange student from Hungary who is staying with Dad and Shanie this year.


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