We made it! Despite the snowstorm and freezing cold temperature…

We left Chicago around noon on the Thursday, the 2nd. We were in the midst of a two day snowstorm but decided we’d take it slow and get as far as we could on Thursday. Lucky for us the snow stopped almost as soon as we hit the road. We made it Flint, MI and only stopped because the highway was closed due to an accident.

Yesterday we got up early and made it to the border by 8:30ish. We had to export our car from the US and import it into Canada. The export on the US side took about 5 minutes but the process on the Canadian side was a bit more complex. They had to register the car and “goods to follow”; it took about an hour. But when they were done we were officially considered Canadian residents and were on our way.

We arrived in Toronto around noon and since we hadn’t heard back from Pete’s work regarding our temporary accommodations we had to stop and try to figure out where we were going to stay. Thankfully they came through at the 11th hour (literally I was in a hotel about to book it when Pete got the email that they got us a place) and found us a really nice place to stay. It might even be bigger than our apartment (we’ll be moving there on the 18th). Pictures aren’t great but this gives you an idea. 20140104-084714.jpgIt’s in the Yorkville area of Toronto which seems quite nice. A lot of little shops, seemingly plenty of things to keep me busy until we move.

Anyway, we’re here. Today we’ll venture out to find groceries and some other things but will likely spend the weekend relaxing. Pete starts the new job on Monday!


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