Last Weekend in Chicago

Hard to believe that this past weekend was my last weekend in our first our home in Arlington Heights, IL. This coming weekend we will be traveling to Toronto to find a home that will host the beginning of our new adventure in Canada.

I adore the house we will call home for the next two weeks and 2 days. I know Pete and I will look back at our first home with great memories. So far though, I’m not sad to be moving on. A little stressed and a bit anxious, yes but not sad. We never saw this place as our “forever” home.

This weekend was spent packing and purging. We’ve been selling furniture for about two months now and our house is looking emptier by the day. I still question if we will be able to fit all the stuff we’ve kept into a an apartment that will likely be ½ the size of our house. I guess we’ll see.

On Friday night we attempted to pick-up the nursery furniture. Turns out, it’s far too big to fit into our SUV. Pete’s going to (hopefully) have the movers stop directly at the store to pick it up when they come to move us. Keeping my fingers crossed that works. Saturday afternoon we needed a break and decided to go to the movies. We saw The Book Thief. I had JUST finished the book and was disappointed in how the movie portrayed many aspects of the book. I thought Pete would have hated it but I think he liked it better than I did, go figure.

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