Last week I spent the majority of the week (Sunday – Thursday) visiting Grampy and Betty in Florida. It was a relaxing, low key visit. The weather was gorgeous, apparently unseasonably warm (in the mid-80s). I arrived Sunday afternoon. Grampy picked me up from the airport, we went home, had a nice boat ride and dinner. Our plan on Monday was to leave in the morning to go pick-up Betty (she was in in N.C. visiting her daughter) but her flight was delayed due to snow. While we waited Grampy showed me all the tools he has that would be very beneficial to the projects I like to do. Of course, most of them are huge, heavy machines but very cool to learn about. We ended up picking Betty up around 1, grabbing a late lunch, and getting back to the house in time for a long boat ride and then dinner.20140104-093709.jpg

Tuesday Betty invited me to go to book club with her. I hadn’t read the book but it was an interesting discussion, especially when I was the youngest person there by about 30 years. After book club we relaxed around pool. Grampy brought us to Rum Bay for dinner. We were practically the only ones there and it looked like the island was pretty empty.

Wednesday morning Betty & I went to water aerobics. I was probably the youngest one there by 40-50 years but it was a good work out! And the pool was 85, very nice temp. for swimming. I’m sure it was a funny sight to see…a group for ladies in their late 70s plus a pregnant lady with an ill-fitting bathing suit…yikes. After lunch on Wednesday Betty and I did a little shopping at Fisherman’s Wharf in Punta Gordo. Very cute place, all decked out for Christmas. We got home in time for one last quick boat ride (sun sets around 5:30pm there).20140104-093650.jpg

Thursday morning “we were up before breakfast” (famous Grampy quote) and off to the airport. My flight left at 7:40am. When we landed in Rockford the temperature was -10 with the wind chill. I walked out to my car and by some miracle it was practically the only car in the lot that wasn’t covered in 4 inches of snow and ice. I chalked it up to a Christmas miracle/favorable winds…but it turns out my husband drove to Rockford (an hour from our house) before work to dig my car out of the snow so I wouldn’t have to do when I landed – what a guy!!! The car was even still a little bit warm from him running it when I got it. Needless to say, I was feeling very blessed and lucky that morning.


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