Mom & Phil Visit!!

Mom & Phil came to visit over Columbus day weekend. The arrived Thursday afternoon. Phil & Pete went straight downtown from the airport to the Bears’ game. Mom & I had a little more of a relaxing evening at home. In fact, we made a trip to the local Japanese grocery store & she got all the supplies to cook me dinner. I felt very spoiled.


Friday morning we had the excitement of my 20 week ultrasound…Baby Gray was looking/sounding healthy and all the measurements were on track. Turns out Baby Gray is more precisely Baby Girl Gray!! Very exciting!!!

Pete had to work the rest of the day but Mom, Phil & I went downtown for lunch & a Chicago architecture tour. Rachael gave me a gift card to GT Fish & Oyster a while ago & I was finally able to use it. Definitely worth the wait. It’s a tapas-ish seafood restaurant. Everything we had was delicious.

After lunch we walked to Michigan Ave. for a architecture tour. The tour we originally wanted to get on was sold out (forgot that it was marathon weekend in Chicago) but we made it onto one of the other tours and were not disappointed. First of all the weather was absolutely gorgeous – like 75 and sunny. I’ve been wanting to do an architecture tour of the city since we moved here and was glad we got to do it20131018-104457.jpg

Friday night we had dinner at home (mom cooked again!!). After dinner we enjoyed what was probably our last fire of the year. Perfect night for it. A little chill in the air but not too cold. And oh ya, there were marshmallows involved.20131018-105502.jpg

Saturday Phil was off to the herp show. Mom & I went to a rummage sale & hit up a couple of yard sales. We also did a little fabric store & clothes shopping, why not? By that point it was time to get home for lunch & my Saturday post-lunch nap (at least I have a good excuse now). After naptime Mom & I went out to get our eyebrows done & for mani & pedis. Lovely afternoon.

When we got home, I somehow convinced Mom & Pete to play Scrabble with me when we were waiting for Phil to get home. Shortly after we started Phi got home (with a new pet for our house, our very own hermit crab) & the game became quite intense. Mom (with Phil’s help, lol) took home the gold. We went out for tapas after & had a really fun night out.

And just like that it was Sunday morning & time for them to go home. As always, it’s great to have family here!! Such a great weekend20131018-104505.jpg


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