The last weekend of September I made my way to Boston for a little reunion with Michele, Mikayla, & Britt. Friday night we hung out a Michele and feasted on cheese & crackers and chips & salsa – a time honored tradition. Saturday we went to the Grafton Street Pub in Cambridge for brunch. If you are ever there, I highly recommend the chickpea burger – so delicious. After brunch we spent some time wondering & shopping in Harvard Square.


It was Babson’s alumni weekend and, more importantly, the celebration of 30 years of field hockey at Babson. We decided to be supportive alumni and go to the field hockey game – who am I kidding, I was sucked in by the free t-shirt. It was a beautiful afternoon for a field hockey game & at half time all the alumni in attendance were acknowledged for their contributions to the program. After the game we hit up the tailgate for drinks & a little calzones and hit the road. In keeping with the Babson theme we swung into Nick’s on our way back to Michele’s for a buff-chic calzone. I don’t think I’ve had one since Babson and it was well worth the small detour.


20131016-134416.jpgAfter scoffing down the calzone we went to one of Michele’s friends for a going away party. I never thought being the only sober one in the crowd would be so entertaining – but let me tell you, I haven’t laughed that hard for a long time. The whole evening was a series of hilarious events. We did make it home in one pieces after making a quick stop at a bar in Fenway. The rest of the buff-chi calzone was gone only moments after we got home.


Sunday we grabbed a very rushed brunch on the way to the airport. Mikayla managed to make a pit stop at Mike’s Pastries and picked me up a peanut butter/fudge brownie for the ride home. I had no napkins or utensils but it didn’t stop me from chowing it down on the plane.

It was a great weekend. I’m really blessed to have great friends.

Photo credit: Mikayla & Michele


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