East Coast Trip – Part 2

Monday morning Pete & I headed to Maine. We had lunch a nice lunch with Grampy & Betty.  We then headed to Aunt Molly’s for a Pease family dinner (thank you very much Aunt Molly for organizing & hosting!!) where we proceeded to laugh our heads off, per usual. Monday night we headed to Waterville. Tuesday night we celebrated Kristy’s birthday. Wednesday Pete took the bus back to Boston.


Thursday, after they went to the parade with Nate, I took Nevaeh & Spencer to Funtown/Splashtown. We had a great day at the Splashtown waterpark, although I have to admit the 2 kids (5 & 6) to one adult ratio was a little challenging at times.  Thankfully there seemed to be a lot of lifeguards around and, of course, life jackets. After Splashtown closed (to be honest we left about 15 minutes before they closed, the pool we were in had a “code brown” which was enough to make me decide we were done for the day) we changed out of our bathing suits and made our way to Funtown.  We pretty much had the entire park to ourselves, mostly likely because it was fourth of July. The kids didn’t have to wait in line for any of the rides & could go on the rides over & over again. We all went on the log flume 3 times in a row.  Nevaeh kept saying, “that ride freaks me out a little but I like it”. 20130728-201145.jpg

The carousel is the first ride you see when enter the park. When we walked in I told Nevaeh we could go on that ride when we were leaving.  When we left (probably 10 minutes before the place closed for the night) and got to the car, Nevaeh was like “we forgot the carousel” so we all had to sprint back in to make it on the ride. On the ride home the kids got to see the Portland fireworks from the car before they fell asleep. We really had a great day.


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