Family Fun in Maryland

Myriah and Tim are home from Budapest for the summer! The weekend of the week they arrived home my Aunt Stace had a welcome home party for them at her farm. I arrived late but the party was still in full swing. It was outside with a huge bonfire and s’mores, right up my alley. Aunt Molly and Sam also came to town for the party, so it was a full-blown family affair – also right up my alley. Everyone was having a lovely making s’mores and hanging out by the fire until a snake slithered up under someone’s chair. I’m not terribly bothered by snakes but I think everyone on my dad’s side of the family is petrified of them. Some humane society friend of Myriah’s decided to save the snake from the wrath of Aunt Stacey’s shovel. The whole scene was pretty entertaining.20130714-212426.jpg

Saturday morning we did some hanging out, haying, and swimming. Aunt Stacey and Johnny were right in the middle of hay harvesting over the weekend, so we all pitched in to help with a couple of

Saturday afternoon we went over to Rachael and Dave’s for Hudson’s first birthday party. Henry was the party entertainer. Both of them are very cute! Rachael’s decorations are straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine; I’d like decorations like this for my deck on a regular basis. Rachael also made one of the best cakes I’ve ever had…she said it was a box mix but I’ve NEVER had a mix that tasted that good. It’s making my mouth water thinking about it.Slide2 Slide1

After the party, we went back to the farm, hung out for a bit, did a little more haying & then we all went out to dinner. I’m not used to staying up very late so two nights in a row of going to bed late had me exhausted on Sunday. Thankfully Aunt Stacey had the coffee brewing at steady pace.

Sunday we went to church then Myriah & Tim had to head off for a wedding. Aunt Stacey, Aunt Molly, Sam & I had a leisurely afternoon filled with wonderful food and swimming. Unfortunately, I could only go for the weekend so I had to leave for the airport early Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful weekend on the farm with my family .

6 thoughts on “Family Fun in Maryland

  1. Don’t you just love the way I put you straight to work. I just loved everything about having you. You are a treasure .

  2. Okay, thanks for your compliments. I will pay you later. haha. no seriously. You are too nice!! It really was a box cake and thank God I don’t make it every day or I would weigh 500!

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