Here’s what I was up to this weekend…20130616-220533.jpg

From left to right, top to bottom:

Added some chalkboard paint to these little planters I had & planted some basil & cilantro|Put the lattice up on the deck – by the looks of the picture, one of the sections needs a little straigthening|Over the last couple of weeks I built this table for the deck – I had built another one with some boards left over from our deck demo but it was WAY too heavy & looked a little scrappy; I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out|I found this chaise lounge at a yard sale last weekend for $7, it matches the wrought iron furniture I already had out there & the weather has finally been nice enough for me to use it|I found 2 chairs at Goodwill, painted them & added some fun outdoor upholstery fabric – still on the hunt for 2 more

Deck still needs to be painted but since Dad was here we haven’t had 2 rain free days in the forecast…hopefully soon!!

Oh ya, we also played some golf, had a nice dinner out, & stayed in to watch the Bruins.



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